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Automatic Beverage Bottle Heat Shrink Film Wrap Packing Machine

This machine is for wrap packaging in groups of food, pharmaceuticals and beverages, instant bowl noodles, milk tea cups, mosquitoe coils, wall paper,filters, electrical switches, batteries,preservation films, garbage bags,tissue-paper,kitchen seasoners,various sizes of cartons and boxes, stationeries,pressworks,hardwares, industrial parts, cosmetics and other commodities.
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  • MB-10

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Automatic Beverage Bottle Heat Shrink Film Wrap Packing Machine

Adopt new technology design, human-machine interface, simple and clear, humanized operation mode.

Classic shape, beautiful, novel structure, unique, easy operation and maintenance. Electronic sensing PE film delivery, sending film stable, fast and convenient for membrane.

Shrinkage chamber using circulating air supply technology, reasonable structure, thermal insulation, high temperature precision, shrink packaging effect is better.

Supporting Germany's Siemens, Japan's OMRON, UNIQUC and other advanced control components, well-equipped.

Technical Parameter

Dimension of the equipment: l5050*W3300*H2100mm

The largest dimension of the wrap page:  l600*W400*H350mm

Material of shrink film:  PE

Thickness of shrink film:  0.03-0.1 Smm

The highest temperature of the heat shrink furnace: 160-260degree

The maximum production per minute:  0-12 packages/min

Power:  20KW

Actual Power: 15 Kw/hour

Weight: 1.2T

Pressure of air:  0.6-0.8 Mpa


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