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L Type Full Automatic Shrinking Wrapping Machine Factory Price

It is commonly used for packaging beverages, food, medical supplies, and chemicals, among other things. Instead of using trays and cartons, the products can be packed into square, round, or flat shapes. Depending on the production rate, it can be classified as a moderate or low-speed line, or a moderate or high-speed line.
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L Type Full Automatic Shrinking Wrapping Machine Factory Price

Key features:

The machine has a well-designed structure and performs reliably. It incorporates cutting-edge technology from around the world. Advanced photoelectric control technology is employed in this machine. The control system consists of a special encoder, PLC, state-of-the-art detection device, and renowned international electromagnetic clutch. It can detect the position of bottles and film. Even if the machine's position is slightly adjusted by an operator, it will not affect its operation. The film quantity can be counted through pulse counting. An automatic alarm will sound when the film is running low. The temperature inside the machine is automatically regulated to a constant level. The transmission and cutting of the film are also automatically controlled.

Due to its adjustable device, the machine has a wide range of applications. It can accommodate round bottles with a diameter ranging from Φ50 to Φ90mm and a height of 200 to 350mm. Each pack can be 4 to 16 bottles.

Specially designed for packing bottle in PE film, looks beautiful and cost saving.
Convenient parameters setup, time saving, high efficiency, stable running and high efficiency.


Packing Speed8pack/min
Power Supply3Phase 380V 25KW
Conveying speed 0-15m/min
Weightabout 600 kg
Air Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption1m3/min
Overall Dimension3500*1000*1500mm


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