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Full Automatic PE Film Plastic Bottle Shrink Wrapping Equipment

The packaging machine is specifically designed for packaging mineral water, beverages, wine, beer, and infusion medicine bottles. It has a reliable function and ensures that the packed items are tightly and neatly arranged. When high speed is required, it can be operated as a single push machine.
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  • MB-10

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Full Automatic PE Film Plastic Bottle Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Key Features:

Utilizes an imported PLC system for automatic control, ensuring stable performance and precise control.

Offers a fully automatic function for feeding, managing shrinkage of tubes, and cooling to shape the packaging.

Film transportation is controlled by a sensor switch, allowing for adjustable film length and reducing waste.

Equipped with an electric motor controlled by an imported transducer, allowing for unlimited speed regulation.

Features an advanced spiral wind circulation structure, three-layer insulation treatment, and energy-saving capabilities.

Includes a reinforced cooling channel for shaping the packaging quickly, making it easy to store and transport the products.


Packing Speed8pack/min
Power Supply3Phase 380V 25KW
Conveying speed0-15m/min
Weightabout 600 kg
Air Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption1m3/min
Overall Dimension3500*1000*1500mm


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