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Automatic Thermal Shrinkage Film Wrapping Package Machine

Automatic Thermal Shrinkage Film Wrapping Package Machine is a new type of packing machine which combine merits of both domestic land and oversea similar machinery. It is widely used in beverage, food, medical-chemical combinative package. It can make package perfect what ever it is without pallet, cartoon,, rectangle, round or flat shape, it has the advantage of less cost and better appearance. It applies PLC automatic controller, man-machine interface, ensure that no fallen bottle, no bottle shortage. It adjusts flexible, safe and beautiful. The adjustable hot wind recycle structure make machine suits for all kinds of thermal films (including color printing). Replace film conveniently. It has failure alarm, lock device, reliable running.
The whole machine applies High-quality steel and stainless steel, with compact and endurable structure. This new type of wrapping machine is the ideal equipment for beverage filling line.
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Structure And Principle

1. Equipment Consists Of Following Parts:

  • Bottle Conveyor Device: Transfer goods which need package

  • Block Bottle, Dispart Bottle Device: Transfer packages in separate way and control strock of package.

  • Block Bottle Position Inspecting Device: Separate bottles to package and consequent bottles.

  • Pushing Bottle, Guild Bottle Device: Pushing bottles to sealing &cutting position.

  • Press Bottle Device: Prevent bottle from inverting when sealing and cutting.

  • Film Fix Length Conveyor Device: Transfer package film.

  • Sealing & Cutting Device: Seal and cut package film.

  • Hot Wind Recycle Device: To fulfill thermal shrinkage function.

  • Finished Product Storage Device: Storage products temporally.

  • Coolling Device: Cool product so that convenient transfer products to required position.

  • PLC Control System: Automatic control

Technical Parameter

1. Technical Parameter Of Equipment

  • Electrical Source: AC 380V/220V 50HZ

  • Maximum Power: 18KW

  • Working Air Pressure: 0.6 MPa

  • Air Compressor Requirement: Exhaust Pressure: 0.8 MPa, Flux: 0.25 m3/min

  • All Kinds Of Thermal Shrinkage Film For Example: PE, PP, PVC, POF

  • Width Of Wrapping Film: ≤600mm

  • Thickness Of wrapping Film: 0.03-0.15mm

  • Length Of Feeding Conveyor: 2600mm

  • Outlook Dimension Of Equipment: 5970×3510×1940 mm

  • Total Weight Of Equipment: 1200kg

2. Technical Parameter Of Packing Products:

  • Maximum Packing Dimension: 600*400*350 mm (big diameter bottle could be 450*300*400mm)

  • The Length Of thermal Sealing & Cutting Knife: 700mm

  • Speed: 8-12 packages

  • Normal Bottle Quantities In One Package (round shape or rectangle)

4 rows  4*6   4*5  4*4  applicable bottle dimension: Φ40-Φ73mm

3 rows  3*4   3*3  3*5  applicable bottle dimension: Φ73-Φ98mm

2 rows  2*3   2*4       applicable bottle dimension: Φ98-Φ140mm

1 row   1*2             applicable bottle dimension: Φ140-Φ300mm


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