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10000bph Pure Water Mineral Water Filling And Bottling Machine

This Washing, Filling and Capping 3 in 1 Monoblock Drink Water Filling Machine is For small PET Bottles. It is combined with rinsing, filling and capping. It is used for mineral water, pure water, and other drinking water filling in PET bottles ranges from 250ml-2.5L, and capacity from 2000-30000BPH.
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  • CGF24-24-8

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Main features

1. Rinsing Section

Spring cramps are utilized in the process of cleaning bottles. The empty bottles can be flipped over 180° on the conveyor rail. There are two rounds of internal and external washing, resulting in a highly efficient bottle cleaning process.

The rinsing machine uses Sunswell's original bottle clip that can be opened from both sides. The bottle clip securely locks the bottleneck and is made of SUS304, a hygienic and durable material.

The bottle clip is equipped with an efficient spray nozzle. The nozzle sprays water droplets at a 15° angle, ensuring that all sides of the bottle are thoroughly cleaned while also conserving water.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel.

Includes a device to prevent bottle jams.

2. Filling Section

The filling structure is designed with no dead angles, ensuring hygiene and stability in the equipment's operation. It has the ability to control the material flow from the bottleneck with an accuracy of ± 2mm (depending on the bottle design). The filling valves are made of SUS304. The filling system has an automatic liquid level control. The filling valves are lifted by a valve elevator and begin filling once they come into contact with the bottleneck. The bottles are conveyed through the filling section by a wheel.

3. Capping Section

Screw capping machine is most precision part in the 3-1 machine, it has a big influence to the goods stability and defective rate. Our screw capping has following feature.

Technical Parameter:

Production capacity (b/h)2000-40005000-60006000-1000010000-1300013000-1500015000-2000020000-24000
Bottle size (mm)φ=50-110mm, H=170-310mm (Volume: 200-2000ml)
Main Motor power4.0kw4.2kw5.2kw6.2kw7.5kw8.2kw9.5kw
(m, L x W x H)
Weight (Kg)2500350042006000700076009800


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