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High Quality Stainless Steel Juice Blending Tank Tea Drink Heating Tank

The tank body adopts vertical or horizontal single or double-layer structure, the inner tank is polished to ra0.45 μm, and the outer part is insulated with mirror panel or frosted board, and filled with insulation materials according to the user's requirements. It is widely used for storage and transportation of dairy products, beverages, wine making and other processes, with anti-seismic, explosion-proof, leak proof and refrigeration functions. It is one of the indispensable equipment in beverage manufacturing.
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High Quality Stainless Steel Juice Blending Tank Tea Drink Heating Tank

In general, after the beverage is boiled, heated and sterilized under normal pressure, the beverage is stored or transported by water pump at the inlet and outlet. More importantly, during transportation, the beverage can be kept warm and refrigerated to keep the freshness of the beverage intact.

Structural features of liquid storage tank:

According to different uses, the storage tank is divided into single-layer storage tank, double-layer insulation tank, three-layer heating tank and three-layer heating belt cooling tank.

According to the different properties of materials, the liquid storage tank can be divided into two types: with agitator and without agitator.

According to different product requirements, the material of liquid storage tank can be divided into SUS304 or SUS316L. The interface adopts the international standard quick installation chuck type.

According to GMP, the liquid storage tank should have the function of steam sterilization.

The inner surface of all kinds of liquid storage tanks are polished, with roughness Ra ≤ 0.4um. The outer surface is matte or coated, and the weld is pickled or polished. There is no dead angle inside the equipment.

According to the volume, there are liquid level gauge, breathing mouth, thermometer, CIP cleaning, rotating nozzle, manhole, etc. vertical and horizontal according to the actual needs of customers.



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