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Full Automatic Carbonated Soft Drink Processing System Drink Mixer

The purpose of the carbonator is to combine the syrup, water, and carbon dioxide. The carbonator is composed of various components including a degasser, sugar and water mixer, plate type heat exchanger, carbonized tank, pump, and pipes. The water without gas is mixed with syrup in a specific proportion and then cooled to a temperature between 0-2 degrees Celsius using a plate type heat exchanger. Afterward, it is thoroughly exposed to the carbon dioxide in the carbonized tank, resulting in carbonation.
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  • QHS-3000

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Carbonated Drink Mixer


The primary function of this blending device is to combine syrup, water, and CO2. The carbon dioxide content is increased by 2-4 times.

It is equipped with the latest technology from Japan and is specifically designed for mixing soda and other fizzy drinks.

All the components that come into contact with the liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel that meets food safety standards.


The machine utilizes an injector for adding CO2 and a Venturi injector for CO2. The injector ensures a constant flow and maintains a stable flow rate. In addition to efficient gas-liquid mass transfer, it offers low resistance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and a simple structure. The machine also features a multi-stage mixing pump that is reliable and operates with minimal noise. The start/stop function is controlled by a floating ball liquid level controller on the finishing cans, ensuring optimal performance of the entire machine.

The mixing ratio is precise and can be easily adjusted. No parts replacement is required, allowing for quick output adjustments and syrup-water proportions. The beverage water and diluted syrup enter the mixing tank after being proportioned by a manual adjusting valve with a scale.

Production capacity (kg/h)3Ton5Ton7Ton10Ton
Water-Syrup mixing proportion3:1-10:13:1-10:13:1-10:13:1-10:1
Gas Content (CO2:H2O)2.0-3.82.0-3.82.0-3.82.0-3.8
Mixing precision≤2%≤2%≤1.5%≤1%
Temperature of the chilled water(ºC)0-4ºC0-4ºC0-4ºC0-4ºC
Pressure of chilled water(Mpa)0.15-0.250.15-0.250.15-0.250.15-0.25
Temperature of syrup(ºC)2-8ºC2-8ºC2-8ºC2-8ºC
Pressure of syrup(Mpa)0.1-0.20.1-0.20.1-0.20.1-0.2
Pressure of CO2(Mpa)0.7-0.80.7-0.80.7-0.80.7-0.8
Purity of CO2>99.9%>99.9%>99.9%>99.9%
Pressure of storage tank(Mpa)0.45-0.550.45-0.550.45-0.550.45-0.55
Overall dimensions (mm)2000×1400×22002100×1500×22702150×1700×23802200×1750×2440


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