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Automatic Stick Labeller for Round Shaped PET Bottles

This machine is suitable for round bottle or round container to label control system adopted matsushita Stepper two-axis PLC control, collocation large LCD human interface,it is easily to operate, servo motor control label.This machine is made of SUS304 and aluminum alloy to meet GMP standards.
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Full Automatic Stick Labeling Machine

Labeling speed is synchronized with conveyor speed track, can be used with 650mm diameter turntable automatically into the bottle, optional hot foil printer.
Standard score better bottle wheel for roundness and labeling speed is less than 80 of bottles per minute.
Separating screw labeling speed per minute for more than 80 bottles or more bottles and standing firm.

Main technical parameters of the equipment

Label heightA/10-120mm,C/10-180mm,D/10-220mm
Label length10-300mm
Diameter of bottle body30-130mm(large size products, conveyor
belts can be widened)
Label roll innerdiameter76mm
Label roll outerdiameter≤360mm
Speed12-38 meters/min
Electricity consumption0.7-1A

Detail list of Selecting and Using the Accessory

 Main electrical configuration
Name    specifications amountBrandplace of production
frequency changer6ES7288-ICR40-OAAC1SIEMENSGermany
Servo driveSINAMICS V901SIEMENSGermany
Touch screen6AV6648-OCC11-3AXO1SIEMENSGermany
DC 24VRelayMY2N-J3SchneiderFrance


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