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Automatic Rotary OPP Hot Glue Labeling Machine

The containers are picked up by the infeed star wheel and transferred to the container table. The container rotation begins when they are positioned between container plates and centering bells.
The speed of the feed roller is adjusted to the required label length for continuous web tension. A standard threading unit ensures optimal film feed. In the cutting unit, the labels are precisely cut while a PLC command and servo-motor provide an exact cut-off point.
Two narrow strips of hot melt glue the labels together, which are applied by a heated glue roller to the leading and trailing label edges. The label with the glue strip on its leading edge is transferred to the container. This glue strip ensures an exact label positioning and a positive bond. As the container is rotated during label transfer, labels are applied tightly.
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Mechanical Partsal Parts



Transportation Structure

750W TRANSTECNO ac motor (with TRANSTECNO reducer), frequency converter speed regulation; Industrial nylon chain plate conveyor belt

Mainframe Transportation Structure

TRANSTECNO motor 2.2Kw (with deceleration by TRANSTECNO)

Bottle Separation Structure

Feed screw

Bottle Feeding Structure

With the feed screw and star wheel position feeding structure to ensure the accuracy and stability of loading

Position Structure

Mechanical pre-location, using the cam wheel institution to planish the bottle for label positioning

Labeling Structure

Rotary type bottle tray carries the bottles, label during rotation

Label Feeding Structure

High speed servo OPP label supply system (drive by servo-motor)

Label Pressing Structure

Arc shape brush unit

Bottle Guiding Structure

Adjust by double coordinate section guide rail

Glue Supply System

Hot melt glue supply system (German SEIMEC control system) ensures the accuracy and uniformity of gluing

Safety Part Of The Machinea

1)Safety Protection: In order to keep the operator safety, when the machine is running please close the protective doors

2)Lack Of Label Alarm: Set an alarm to remind the operator to change the label when the label will be use out

3)Lack Of Bottle Alarm: When lack of the bottle the machine will stop and make an alarm. The machine will restart automatically as soon as the bottles have been put that will facilitate on-line production

4)Leak Of Labeling Alarm: To control the quality of labeling

5)Pressure Testing: When the pressure cannot meet the equipment requirement, the machine will stop to against bad products produce

6)Vacuum Testing: When the vacuum cannot meet the equipment requirement, the machine will stop to against bad products produce

7)Temperature Testing: When the temperature cannot meet the equipment requirement, the machine will stop to against bad products produce

Technical Parameters Parameter





Power Supply

Three-phase 380V 50 Hz 8000W


The Total Length Of Equipment

3000mm (conveyor length 3000mm or can be regulate base on your product lines)


Equipment Width



Conveyor Speed

30m/min (the speed of the transmission lines can be adjusted according to actual production)


The Method Of Speed Adjustment

Uninterrupted - adjust rate


The Largest Speed Of labels Feed

Maximum speed of 100 meters labels / min


The Largest Speed Of Labeling

12000 BPH (500ml)


Labeling Accuracy

± 1mm


Integrated Labeling Accuracy

± 1mm


Product Size



Maximum Label Width



The Maximum Length Of Label



The Maximum Diameter Of Label



Paper Core Diameter

152 mm


Labeling Glue

Leading and trailing edge gluing with hot melt


Gluing Temperature



Type Of Label

OPP label 、paper-plastic composite film label、paper label


Labeling Workstation

12 per cycle



Each set of molds include infeed screw, infeed star wheel, discharge star wheel, bottle tray and so on)


Machine Weight

About 3000 Kg


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