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Automatic PVC Label Shrink Sleeve Wrapping Machine for Round PET Bottles

This machine adopts international advanced technology; cover the circle label on the PET bottle. And then hot shrinking to fix on the position which bottle body designated.This machine's structure is compact, and suitable for the production line of different direction and different height.
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Automatic Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine


Shrink sleeve labeling machine is generally divided into sleeve labeling mechanism and shrinkage mechanism, shrinkage mechanism is generally divided into two ways of electric shrinkage and steam shrinkage, according to the characteristics of the product to choose a different shrinkage method.

Shrink sleeve labeling machine is widely used in food and beverage and outer packaging industry, there are applications for the full wrapping of the bottle sleeve label, the bottle neck part of the sleeve label and the cap part of the sleeve label. This is a medium to high efficiency and high speed labeling method.




Main engine size (length*width*height)

2000L x 950W x 2000H(mm)

Main engine production speed


Main engine power supply

AC 3phase220v/380v

Bottle/Can Flat Width

48 -185mm

Bottle/can materials


Label length

25mm -280mm

Label thickness

0.03mm -0.13mm

Label material


Bottle/can height

15mm -320mm

Bottle/can diameter

30.5mm -120mm

Bottle/can shape


Main engine weight



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