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Project Description

soft drink filling machine

The machine is mainly used for filling soft combines rising and filling and capping as one automatic body suitable for PET or other plastic bottles .the iso-pressure (iso-barometic)filling technology is adopted enabling it to filling more effciently and more stably with more output than the machine of the same level from others
Model :DCGF

The machine could be separated to 3 modules. The height of the bottle-out conveyor is adjustable. Bottles are conveyed to rinser, filler and capper through starwheel and conveyed out finally through bottle-out conveyor. Equip alarm device for bottle block, bottle absence, cap absence and overload. The machine meets the national food hygienic standard, with high automation and easy to operate.
Products can be handled
Cola, carbonated water, soda water, etc.
PET bottles with various volumes and shapes

model DCGF14/12/5 DCGF18/18/6 DCGF24/24/8 DCGF32/32/10 DCGF40/40/12
speed 2000-2500 3000-4000 6000-7000 8000-9000 10000-12000
filling precious <5mm (liquid level )
filling pressure (mpa) <0.4
suitable bottle standars(mm) bottle diaeter:40-80 bottle height:130-280mm bottle diameter :50-100   bottle height :15-320mm
suitable cap standard(mm) plastic screw cap
total power(kw) 4.23 5.03 6.57 8.07 10.07
overall diamension (mm) 2100*1500*2200 2450*1800*2200 2750*2180*2200 3600*2200*2600 4300*2300*2750
total weight(kg) 2000 3500 5500 8000 9500