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Project Description

shrink sleeve labeling machine

Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine: the whole machine is waterproof as well as rustless. Adjustable cutter head: uniquely cyclotron cut-off, double sided cutting edge with a long service life. Single positioning centre guide pillar: a more stable for label delivery. Synchronous bottle divider: a more stable transmission for bottle. Bottom set of label brush:a more precision for casting label. Label-controlling electric-eye shelf

1. Size: 2000L*1000W*2000H(mm)
2. Weight: about 300KG
3. Bottle neck ;Ø25 — Ø55, Ø55— Ø 90, Ø 90— Ø110(mm); chose any one of them, specially one need design according.
4. Label length: 30—190(mm)
5. Internal diameter: 5”—10”free adjustable
6. Speed: Max250B/M (Label height: 55mm speed 0-15000B/H);
The Label longer and the speed will lower.
7. Label thickness: 0.035—0.13(mm)
8. Label materials: PVC, PET, OPS
9. Conveyor frame: 2.40M stainless steel frame

Electricity part:
1. Voltage: 3 Phase 380V AC±5% 50/60HZ
2. Power: 3.5KW
3. Ground protection: Effective grounding more than 2 Square
4. Power line: 3X4C 4 square meters electric cable
5. Protection switch: 380V-3P 25A

Machine size:
1. Label machine: 2000L*900W*2000H (mm)
2. Steam tunnel: steam qty: 30KG/H
Steam pressure: ≤0.2Mpa
Steam tunnel dimension: 1200L*500W*600H (mm)

Name Electrical part name Model Qty/unit Manufactures Original
insert motor Low-power AC motor 4IK25A-C 2 STS/TWT Taiwan
Feed material motor Low-power AC motor 5IK60RGN(5GN7.5K) 1 STS/TWT Twain
Photoelectric sensors HP-100 1 Yamatake Japan
Belt motor Low-power AC motor 5IK60GN-YF 2 STS/TWT Taiwan
Inverters BFV00022DK 1 Panasonic Japan
Sub-bottle motor Low-power AC motor 5IK120GU-YF 1 STS/TWT Taiwan
Inverters BFV00022DK 1 Panasonic Japan
Brush motor Low-power AC motor 4IK25A-C 2 STS Taiwan
Cutter head motor Servo motor cutter MHMD042P1U(400W) 1 Panasonic Japan
Cutter Servo disk drive MBDDT2210003(400W) 1 Panasonic Japan
Cutter origin sensor EESX-671 1 OMRON Japan
Dive Drive Servo Motor MHDDT082P1U(750W) 1 Panasonic Japan
Drive Servo drive MCDDT3520003(750W) 1 Panasonic Japan
Electric Eye motor Photoelectric sensors WL9-170 1 SICK Germany
Cursor for shining  bottle Photoelectric sensors HP-100P 1 Yamatake Japan
Conveyor Inverters BFV0007GK 1 Panasonic Japan
Programmable Logic Controller PLC FPX -C60T 1 Panasonic Japan
Touch Screen Touch Screen HITECH 1 HITECH Taiwan
Contactor SE-03 7 Schneider France