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Project Description

Drinking Water Filling machine

automatical drinking water filling machine is used in beverage filling operations.the three operation of washing ,filling,capping are composed in one body of the machine .the whole process is automatical .
model :CGF14-12-5

Drinking Water Bottling / Filling Machine

The three functions of bottle wash, fill and seal are composed in one body of the machine. The whole process is automatic. The machine is used in filling mineral water and purified water in bottles made of polyester and plastics. The machine can also be used in hot filling if being installed with temperature controlling device. The handle of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles. The filling operation is faster and more stable because the micro pressure filling operation of the new type is adopted.
washing part

1. Except the down framework, the transmission parts and some parts that must be made of special materials. Other spare parts are made of stainless steel 304.
2. The roller bearing is made of stainless steel, the sealing ring is made of EPDM material, and plastic is made of UMPE.
3. The gripper is made of stainless steel, the position where hold the bottleneck is also made of stainless steel, compared with the traditional rubber gripper, it is much hygiene, durable, and no quick-wear parts, the screw parts of the bottleneck can avoid being polluted by the rubber gripper.
4. The gripper equipped with high-efficient spray nozzle, it can develop to any position of inwall of the bottle, and can save rinsing water. There is a cover above the spray nozzle which can prevent water spilling; and there are regulatory recycle slot and recycle pipes under the nozzles.
5. Bearing is made of stainless steel, the sealing ring is made of EPDM material, and plastic is made of UMPE.
6. Rinsing time can be guaranteed for 4 seconds.
7. By adjusting the height of the rotary parts to adapt for different bottle height
8. The motivation is derived from the driven system in the framework passed by gear.
9. The supplying of rinsing water is controlled by solenoid valve.