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Project Description

Carton packaging machine

Technical features
Advanced control system
Use Germany Siemens’ PCC control system featuring computer technology, communication technology and automatic control technology, which has strong system expansion capability, network capability and good openness. The combination of servo control and photoelectric sensor makes every detail of machine work be effectively controlled; problems can be observed on the touch screen, which can discover and solve problems in time and improve working efficiency.
Convenient adjustment mechanism
Equip adjustable indicator and scale in all mechanical adjustment points to meet different packages requirement, and staff only need to adjust according to formula. It is applicable for circular bottles of Φ60~Φ90 and 120~300mm high, packaging specifications of 3×4 and 4×6, or as per customer’s requirement.
It can handle various pallets and bottles and easy to adjust.
Low impact bottle separating system makes it more convenient for adjustment after changing bottle type packaging and flexible bottle pendulum makes conveying system smooth without block.
Safe and reliable
By closed frame, all working areas can be covered by translational doors and sealing windows; equipment can work in sealing condition under the supervision of the sensor; once the door is opened, the equipment will stop running.