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Automatic 5L Drinking Water Filling Monoblock Machine

Monoblock means the filling machine integrates washing machine, filling machine and capping machine in one frame. The driving system will be transmitted step by step which makes the speed more stable.
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  • XGF12-12-4

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Automatic 5L Drinking Water Filling Monoblock Machine

Main components of the equipment

Overturning mechanism of bottle washing machine

It mainly composes of bottle washing clamp, upper rotary plate, guide rail, water distributing plate, shield, water spraying device, water tray etc.

Bottle washing clamp rotates with the upper rotary plate, and open the bottle mouth clamp with elastic distortion when contacting the bottle feeding star-wheel, which can clamp the bottle neck, then overturns at 180° along the guide rail, bottle mouth may become downwards for cleaning and drying the bottle with water, then overturn for 180°, bottle mouth becomes upwards and then conveyed with the star-wheel; shield can prevent sprinkling of cleaning water; water distributing plate can deliver the cleaning water from the still parts to the rotary parts

Bottle filling mechanism

It mainly composes of bottling barrel, bottling valve, guide rail, lifting device, bottle clamping lift device etc.

Bottle is conveyed to the bottling machine with the clamp plate of star-wheel drive IV, bottling bottle clamp plate supports the bottle neck and rotates together with the bottling, and ascend along the guide rail and then open the bottling valve for bottling, after finishing bottling, it descend and loose the bottling valve, bottling valve may automatically close. Bottle is discharged from the bottling machine along the clamp plate of star-wheel drive V.

Capping mechanism

Capping mechanism composes of cap separating mechanism, capping machine and cap arranging mechanism.

The machine is designed on the base of Alcoa (France) technology. It adopts magnetic moment capping, which has the function of unload the overloading force on the cap, so the capping head have the function of protect the cap from damage.

Main Parameter

Production capacity2000BPH for 5L
Washing Head12
Filling head12
sealing head4
Suitable bottle heightH=170-320 Φ=50-100  
Bottle neck diameter20-40mm
Bottle washing pressure2-3Mpa
Filling accuracy(liquid level)+/-1mm


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